Connect any vehicle in a snap

Meet Cloud Your Car. The simplest and the most affordable tool for vehicle tracking.

What is Cloud Your Car?

Cloud Your Car provides the tracking hardware with built-in GSM connectivity, cloud data processing platform and a set of online tools for provisioning, health check, maintenance, firmware upgrades and the API.

The software platform

The Swiss Army Knife for companies using vehicles.

  • iOS and webapps

    We developed an example, customizable open source web app and iOS app. Feel free to redesign it as you wish.

  • Provisioning Software

    The unique thing is our software for tracking unit’s health, status, manage firmware versions, remote maintenance, provisioning to your systems and more.

  • Simple Hardware

    We believe that we have found the holy grail of GPS tracking devices for vehicles. The unique form-factor makes Car Beacons the most convinient and comprehensive way to connect any vehicle in a snap

  • Multiple users

    The software platform is an enterprise-class tool that can be used by your software engineers, customer support and product managers.

  • Truly Global

    We have an unique approach to GSM connecitvity that makes us the only provider of telematics product that connects via GSM almost anywhere in the world. No more messing with SIMs, no roaming issues.

  • Software Ecosystem

    Every week we sign up new partherships with innovative software companies making the network of applications and distribution channels resonate together.

Car Beacons

Car Beacon is responsible for transmitting information from any vehicle to the cloud. It collects data about position, mileage, speed and style of driving.

Operating environmental conditions

  • Storage temperature range -20 - +60°C
  • Operating temperature range -20 - +44°C
  • Relative humidity 10 - 90%, noncondensing

Power Supply

  • Car lighter socket / accessory power outlet compatible plug
  • 12V system, resettable protection against 24V connection
  • 6V - 18V operating range, 48V protection range
  • Tested in accordance with ISO 7637
  • 150mA max input current


  • A-GPS
  • SirfStar IV
  • Integrated antenna


  • GPRS quad band
  • Integrated antenna
  • Embedded MFF2 SIM card


  • EN 301 489-1
  • EN 50498
  • FCC 47 CFR Part 15, §15.107, §15.109
  • RoHS compliance
  • IEC 60950-1

Embedded battery

  • Single LiPo cell
  • 410mAh
  • Overcharge, undercharge and overcurrent protection








Custom software integrations

The platform allows rapid integration with market leading software systems

Access your fleet data for use with other applications such as CRM, accounting, fleet management, big data analytics and more

The Developer API can securely make your company data available to internal and other cloud-based systems that you may be using in your day-to-day business. The data from the Car Beacons can be used to give greater insight into your operations, as well as provide a detailed level of reporting that you may not have had access to previously through automated systems. Cloud Your Car has extensive global experience with enterprise cloud and business solutions and can help you with any system integration or development your company may require.

Developers API

Interested in developing custom solutions based on Cloud Your Car platform? Do it yourself. We prepared a public API for everyone!

Open Source Example App

For your convinience, we have developed a simple web app and iOS app. They are open sourced. Feel free to use them as a demo or to redesign them for your own purpose.

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