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What is Cloud Your Car?

Monitor your fleet no matter how big or small. Track the vehicles anywhere and anytime. Simply plug Car Beacon into the power outlet and track trips, monitor vehicle status and analyze driving habits.

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How we can help you?

Cloud Your Car is a multipurpose platform, for a wide range of companies. If a vehicle fleet is a crucial element of your business, we can provide you with essential tools for saving your time and money.


Gather data about your vehicles and drivers and make better decisions for your company!


Manage your daily tasks with ease. Know what your drivers are doing and how they are performing.


Monitor vehicles on a given terrain, have everything under control!


Learn more about our product with most frequently question asked by our clients

  • How does it send data?

    Car Beacons have built-in self-sustainable 2G GSM connectivity. A local GSM provider is already contracted so you don’t have to worry about that. We handle all the flow with cellular carriers. Visit the list of contracted network operators.

  • Does it work in my country?

    Please visit a list of supported countries. If your country isn’t listed then don’t worry. In such a case please write directly at There are countries that we support only in selected cases. Maybe we can help.

  • What happens if a driver pulls a Car Beacon out?

    According to our research, drivers don’t consider Car Beacons a “big brother” solution so it might not be an issue. Anyway, Car Beacons have a built-in LiPo battery so they never lose any data. They also have a pull-out detection. You will see this event in the app.

  • Does it have Bluetooth inside?

    No. There is GSM connectivity inside. Please refer to How does it send data.

  • Is this product for businesses or consumers?

    It’s for businesses. However, we believe business tools should look nice. Car Beacons and our apps are well designed because we care about you.

  • Can I become a distributor?

    Yes. We have a partnership programme in place. Please write directly to and put “distributor” as a subject.

  • Can we make a partnership?

    Yes. You can customise the data provided by your Car Beacons using your own software platform and our open API.

  • Can I integrate Car Beacons with my existing software?

    Yes. We have released SDK to the public. Please refer to User API documentation.

  • Can I have a discount if I buy more units?

    Yes. As the volume grows into hundreds, the pricing goes down. For such orders alternative pricing models are also possible.

  • Does it prevent vehicle theft?

    No. We assume that the unit will be pulled out by a thief and so deactivated.

  • Does it record business trips and calculate mileage expenses?

    Yes. It’s a perfect tool for managing mileage expenses for compliance with your tax office. Please write to us directly to discuss the details to Please put “mileage expenses” as the subject.

  • How much data does it send?

    No more than 10 megabytes per month. A significant amount of data traffic comes from remote firmware updates of Car Beacons. But you don’t have to worry about that. We take all the risks and cover all the costs related to GSM data transmission.

  • Can I switch the unit between different drivers?

    Yes. This is a core feature of the app. It’s important when you lose an employee and have to re-assign the unit to another one. You don’t lose the previous driver’s history.

  • How can I place an order?

    Please go to where to buy or send us an enquiry. The better you explain your needs the faster we will write back to you.

  • Can more than one person access the app?

    Of course. You can set up accounts for an unlimited number of managers with different permission levels. There are no restrictions for that. We love users.

  • What’s the GSM data-traffic cost?

    We take all the risks and cover all the costs related to GSM data transmission. We offer a complete end-to-end solution with a flat monthly fee.

  • What about data privacy?

    Privacy and data security is our biggest concern. We don’t compromise. We put enormous effort into testing against possible security breaches. We use solutions that are robust and proven to work. You won’t find fancy features in our product. But it’s solid.

  • Is there any product guarantee?

    Yes. It’s 2 years from when the Car Beacon reaches your door.

  • Is the an Android app or Windows Phone app?

    Not yet. It’s under development. Expect it in Q2 2015.

  • The app doesn’t work in my web browser.

    If you want to take advantage of all the features we offer then please update your web browser.

  • Does it work in 24V outlets?

    No, at the moment we don’t support these. But stay tuned as we are already working on new hardware that supports both 12V and 24V outlets.

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